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Sj Guitar Bass is a Custom Shop company specialized in the construction of electric guitars and basses, also working in the maintenance of instruments such as Guitar, Acustic Guitar and Bass.
For many years in the market, Sj GuitarBass has experience and specialized labor in the Luthieria area, using high precision equipment and tools, enabling surprising results.
Pablo Smiljanic is Director and the Luthier responsible for the production of Custom Shop instruments that have conquered an expressive space in Brazil and in other countries where Sj has instruments such as USA, France, Japan and others,  also dedicating himself to the art of maintenance that involves Adjustment, Shielding, Exchange of Pickups, Exchange of Frets and many other services offered by the company.
Patrícia Smiljanic is a Director and is also responsible for managing the company   , providing customer service , scheduling services and having experience in finishing , she is the clinical view of everything that is produced in the company .
Sj Exists to make your dream of having a Custom Shop instrument customized by you come true  , and also to provide a quality service in their instruments... 

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